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what new horror lurks
in the near-total darkness
of Llandaff Road? — can
all this ignorance be mine?
— and time only compounds it

My sister commented to me yesterday that our mother has always been a drama queen. I know what she means. Yet I also suspect my dream last night took me back to Llandaff Road which was our family home for four years 1969-72, as an indication or a nudge to remember just how much drama there was back then.



I would tell her to
run through pouring rain just for
the sake of running

If I could go back and do things differently….. Or if I could travel all the way back in time to the fourteenth century and talk with Edward II’s Queen. Edward II was gay. Or that seems a fair inference from Christopher Marlowe’s play written two and a half centuries later. The Queen was jealous of her rival Piers Gaveston. Anyhow this poem proposes a cure for homophobia. And for jealousy perhaps.