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the live electric
rail — certain death — touched upon
lightly, as though just
some mere stray topic we both
prefer not to talk about

This poem lacks fire. Which is pretty ironic given the subject matter. I dreamed Prince Charles was preparing a speech using a sheet of my own writing as the basis. But he had crossed out roughly half of it as unsuitable and too personal. We were both trying to remember how many times we’d had sex (together). So the dream is about self-censorship and avoidance. This would relate to yesterday evening spent in the pub with a colleague from work whom I’ve known a very long time. The evening went well except for one or two wobbly moments when the topic of conversation became too personal (our respective relationships). In my dream I saw — twice — somebody walking along the underground railtrack and accidentally stepping on the live rail without anything more than a slight electric shock.



Cambridge — where I learned
complete dissociation
from my emotions

I dreamed Prince Charles was in disguise, which he had to be, in order to take part in the life of the commoners. Awake, I remembered that he attended Cambridge University, and that yesterday I encountered some surprise when I inadvertently disclosed that I was Cambridge-educated. Not that that is any secret. I suppose Prince Charles in disguise suggested ‘somebody who can’t be themselves’. I like the simplicity of this poem, even if it’s a bit sweeping, it’s also true.