levels of transgression

here’s to the battle
between pornography and
poetry! — it’s real
sibling rivalry — sisters
slugging it out to the death

Both activities involve my laptop. Both are vehicles for experience of that realm of being for which there is no other word than archetypal — not that it’s a satisfactory word. Both can be related, at least within my own habitual channels of thought, to the idea goddess. Both demand a willingness to transgress some kind of boundary or prohibition. I’m not sure what exact prohibition as such is being transgressed in the case of poetry — but the boundary it transgresses, is arguably that between sanity and madness. Poetry tips the balance of consciousness consistently just slightly over into the direction of madness. As do all art forms in fact. And this is a good thing and wonderful. Pornography expresses in a different way, the underlying insanity of society itself. I felt concerned halfway through writing this poem, that I was promulgating some vision of pornography as being equally dignified and valuable as poetry — when in fact the battle between them is more like a battle between the valuable and the valueless. So that was how I decided the battle must be ‘to the death’. At the same time, the idea of them as sisters, speaks for itself.

I dreamed I was singing the final few bars of the John Lennon song Nowhere Man. The sheer sadness of it was heartbreaking, and connected for me upon waking with my having dallied yet once more with online pornography yesterday evening. It’s a sad thing.


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