towards a vision

encompassing straight
and gay — middle and working
class — female and male —
tolerance and prejudice
— distinction — amorphousness

Last month, I was labelled posh by two people in agreement, both of whom I regard as perceptive and who know me quite well. I can’t seem to get to the bottom of my own surprise. Maybe I’m missing some dimension of meaning to the word posh. I’m aware of feeling quite aloof much of the time. But it’s the aloofness of a single loner alienated from life itself and human beings in general. Are books posh? The more time goes by, the more difficult to know what is meant by ‘working class’ or ‘middle class’. This has to be a good thing. Gender blurring likewise. My dreams last night included both types of blurring. A boy band from the nineties which turned out to be a girl band. A working class young lad in a gay relationship with me: class seemed not to matter at all in our relationship because we had a magic between us. My poem has a distinctly Jungian flavour. It’s all about trying to envision the totality and inclusiveness of a consciousness able to hold polarities in tension.


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