children love stories —
old people too — but somehow
we manage not to
notice our own stories while
we’re in the middle of them

In trying to avoid calling this post Yuval Noah Harari #4 I’m afraid story is just an equally bland title. I really, really must read Yuval Noah Harari. I’m afraid of being disappointed I guess. His vision of what is a human being is the most convincing I think I have ever encountered in my entire life. No wonder he keeps cropping up in my thoughts and in my blog. I dreamed last night of my mother. She was culling books, or I was, but had bought the Bible, in several massively huge volumes, which were now filling up the empty bookshelves. Back when I was a child, Hollywood produced a Biblical epic and called it The Greatest Story Ever Told. Maybe there’s some truth in that idea of the Bible. After all, Harari himself is an Israeli! See here for his TED video.


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