magic — is hardwired
into our experience
at the exact point
of intersection between
power and passivity

I googled magicality to see whether such a word exists. Apparently it made its first appearance in the 1920’s, in the novels of William Locke. Never heard of him, though I did see the film Ladies in Lavender which was based on his short story. I dreamed last night of one of the managers where I work, whose personality does have an almost magical quality — an air of gentle authority — which in the dream was exaggerated, and I took that as the starting point for my poem. I’m far from happy with the way the poem has the character of a pronouncement. But hey. I never seem to have enough of wondering why and in what sense I believe in ‘magic’. Is the idea of magic power just a compensation for powerlessness? Or is there some sense in which the illusion of power is as important and life-altering as the actual fact of it? Is there any such thing as power in any case, or is it always an illusion (I tend to think so)? Do our illusions generate our realities? Words are a case in point. What kind of power or reality does a word have? Words are the ultimate illusion, the ultimate magic.


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