flirting with David
Bowie — showing off my best
camp moves — flamboyant
release of the hidden self
— my Undiscovered Faggot

A friend asked me to recommend some easily-digestible Jung to read, and I responded instantly: The Undiscovered Self. Last night’s dream (or at any rate the poem I have just written about it) seems to mock the slightly pompous ‘Jungian’ side of me with an image of myself as a flamboyant camp dancer. In reality I have always struggled to know what to do with myself on the dance floor. One of the miracles of the last ten or fifteen years has been gradually picking up an ability to enjoy myself in my own way — though there’s nothing particularly camp about my moves as far as I am aware. I do identify as bisexual: so it’s quite plausible that there is an outrageous faggot in me, hidden from view.


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