death wish

what does it all mean?
— so many gadgets asking
for termination —
are they us? are we them? who
will we be when they have gone?

A funny jumble of half-considered questions was all I could manage in the end, after more than two hours’ work. And last night’s dreams weren’t even emotionally challenging, or not in any particularly obvious way. The most disturbing element was the notion that I had somehow won millions of pounds worth of electricity supply, thanks to a weird lottery thing (beyond my comprehension) built into the electricity meter by the utility company. And another dream where my mobile phone was a kind of weapon, and I was involved in warfare whose outcome all depended on whose technology was superior. A third dream had me listening to a playback of my own performance of a Chopin waltz. I noticed the tempo was dragging. Overall, awake, I couldn’t get much further than a feeling of ‘Gadgetry boo! Chopin hooray!’. The poem as it stands manages a kind of ‘boo!’ to gadgetry I suppose.


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