surprise at my own
skill in capturing many
different viewpoints
within the single picture
— never the totality

Never the totality is the first line of a poem which I wrote in 1994 in the belief that, while writing it, I was in telepathic contact with the Dalai Lama. This morning’s poem describes my dream last night quite literally. I was looking through a collection of my own sketches, one of which showed my tiny bedroom in a night hostel for the homeless. I had somehow contrived to include within one drawing, several different angles upon the room. I feel very much again, that I am still processing Wednesday’s sharing of my story with the prison staff (see yesterday’s post). I’ve never felt more satisfied with my success in terms of having conveyed to my audience just how much I enjoyed being homeless in the 1990’s and just how much I even enjoyed being psychotic. In previous talks, I have sometimes related how I used to write poetry while in telepathic communion with celebrities (such as the Dalai Lama) — citing this as an example of times when the psychosis was positively fulfilling. My telepathic communion with celebrities used to be enjoyable for its own sake however. I would get an incredibly vivid impression of the person’s character and mindset. In the case of the Dalai Lama, multidimensionality was one of the most striking characteristics of entering his mental space. The feeling of acceptance of the flow, if you like, with no single fixed point of reference at all. I’m inclined to suppose this might have been valid and genuine up to a point — not as telepathy, but as an impression of his personality, and as a lesson I took into my own mind from his somehow.


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