from nowhere

T. S. Eliot,
Stravinsky and Picasso
— demi-gods inspired
with a dim presentiment
at two seconds to midnight

I have been giving myself a break from online posting for the last eight weeks, but suddenly this morning felt compelled to resume. Nothing has changed. I have still been writing my haiku or tanka every morning, based on the previous night’s dreams. I actually prefer writing them in pencil in a notebook, as against the time-consuming palaver of posting them online. I think I must try in future to be more brief when providing these background notes.

This particular poem comes out of reading a book called ‘Painted Shadow’ which is a superb biography of T.S.Eliot’s first wife Vivien, whom he had committed to mental hospital for the last ten years of her life. It (the poem) looks back on modernism from the 21st century and is simply saying — like so many of my poems do — that climate catastrophe is real and almost upon us, and is going to hit us out of nowhere although the science is all there before our very eyes. I guess the urgency of my belief in this, is why I felt compelled to post online this morning. You may judge as you like whether I am deluded.


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