doctor or priest, sin
or sickness — choose your poison
there is no escape

The starting point for this was the thought ‘broken/whole’. It’s a favourite metaphor in the psychotherapy world, and it somehow suggests a relationship both with the ‘evil/good’ of the priest and the ‘sick/well’ of the doctor. They’re three different ways of framing the human predicament. Specifically, I was thinking of my own adolescence and how screwed up/damaged/broken I was, or am, by pornography — following a dream in which I was enjoying, not so much a pornographic magazine, as a pornographic newspaper. Morality and pathology. Both equally severe and both equally necessary. And it becomes difficult, with both of them, to distinguish the damaging effects of the original problem from the damaging effects of the way that problem tends to be framed by the professional doctor or priest. But what is this ‘Third Way’ which psychotherapy tries to fulfil? Why does psychotherapy carry so little clout in society, compared with the venerable institutions of medicine and the church? Is it any less damaging than the other two in any case?


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