this dream has me stumped ā€”
too much obvious gay sex
with someone I love

Simple and complicated are a weird pair of opposites. The poem fell into place when I realised it was the simplicity of my dream which I felt the most challenged by. In the dream, there were straightforward romantic, sexual feelings emerging between myself and my Cambridge room-mate. In real life, me and this guy were pretty close for a few years but never with the slightest suspicion of anything romantic at all. In the dream, it felt like a match made in heaven. Simple. Quite incredibly challenging to try to write a poem about it though. In the dream, everyone around us was tending to encourage us, celebrating our getting together in advance of its actually happening. I knew I was about to embark on a life of multiple sexual partners, a life of complete sexual freedom: there was a dropping away of all the complexities of why this is not a viable option for me in real life. Again, this simplicity is the most challenging thing imaginable for me to confront now, awake.


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