in some sense, I am
a woman discovering
her masculine side

Some quite scary feelings in my dream last night. Intense sexual desire mixed with a sense of the immanence of the supernatural — as though my mental state were some kind of swirling vortex of supernatural forces. I guess since physically I am a man, any sense in which I am a woman must be non-physical; and maybe anything non-physical is potentially a gateway to the supernatural. Contrasexuality is a term I first came across in an academic paper about the Jungian theory of anima and animus (respectively, the feminine side of a man and the masculine side of a woman). Wouldn’t that be a great label to embrace, for example on those endless equal opportunities monitoring forms: Would you describe yourself as (1) heterosexual (2) gay (3) bisexual (4) transgender (5) rather not say…..? So just write contrasexual and leave them to work out what it means.


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