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Wednesday 30 April

Women’s Mysteries
a book I read aged nineteen,
mostly comprising
mythology — what a fool
I still was, reaching the end


Monday 28 April

early mornings, I’m
the lone genius poet —
ruthless dictator
whose own will is all there is
— God does not get a look in

Sunday 27 April

envy the beggar
for whom Value has not been
destroyed by Money

Saturday 26 April

when time’s up, the end
comes — our world disintegrates
— what was it all for?

Friday 25 April

trust the wise woman
in her ambiguity
— a way of being
where danger shall be embraced
and darkness loved as a friend

Thursday 24 April

why do I treat life
as though it were some kind of
rightful possession
— when in fact I haven’t the
faintest how I came by it?

Wednesday 23 April

the cultivation
of a fragrance works upon
a person’s time sense