Archive for March, 2014

Sunday 23 March

the sacred depths where
evil is allowed full play
— and plays itself out


Saturday 22 March

what kind of dog’s chance
leads me to hope perhaps life
will one day reveal
a new and better way of
wearing my own male gender?

Friday 21 March

the secret purpose
of spirituality
is to encourage
fools and idiots into
hopeless infatuation

Thursday 20 March

Spring’s gone in a flash —
France is a stone’s throw away
— dim half-truths mingle

Wednesday 19 March

Scotland would (somehow
I genuinely believed)
restore my lost soul

Tuesday 18 March

midnight blue — enough
light (just) to know I’m awake
— the blank of my mind

Monday 17 March

never closer than
when it seems furthest away —
Destiny walks with
you and me along the beach
— then stops to write in the sand