Archive for March, 2014

Monday 31 March

would there be a role
for me as a volunteer


Sunday 30 March

who designs your shirts?
who chooses your jeans? — unknown
hands — perhaps they were
once yours — now transformed into
agents of self-estrangement

Saturday 29 March

you kind of expect
that your own self-acceptance
is going to heal
and transform you — meanwhile there’s
always more shit coming through

Friday 28 March

I should have killed him
and stolen his girl — or else
maybe his father

Thursday 27 March

sex — what a small word —
conjuring nothing of the
infinitely vast
mystery of physical
and spiritual desire!

Tuesday 25 March

I cannot even
accept the world as it is
let alone change it

Monday 24 March

when the doctor says
you have a mental illness
— this isn’t science
but an act of primitive
magic rooted in terror