Archive for February, 2014

Friday 28 February

Vanessa Redgrave’s
father — mine — and the heroes
we thought we needed
turn out, after all, to be
copulating stick insects


Thursday 27 February

we handle each truth
as though it were a brittle
thing of no substance

Wednesday 26 February

your smile, the merest
ripple on the void — the breath
of a sleeping child

Tuesday 25 February

you can’t help being
seventeen and terrified
of your own shadow

Monday 24 February

poetry subverts
language and alters the world
— from blue sky create
an aching heart — take yellow
sun and turn it into gold

Sunday 23 February

my non-existent
love life unexpectedly
bloomed — thirty years late

Saturday 22 February

the case is hopeless —
an old reprobate like me
is wasting his time
when he pays microscopic
attention to his own soul