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how come it’s my job
to scare away the lions
using a flashlight?
— just think — if I turn up late
for work, who gets eaten then?



nothing but a room
in a hospital — call this
the chapel and be
grateful that anyone should
have thought of putting it there


I wish to let go
of them all — the entire damned
panoply of gods
and goddesses — old, new — wise,
foolish — beautiful, ugly


what kind of creature —
not belonging to the crowd
— stumbles brokenly
down the stairs of a hotel
desperate to know where he is?


however skilful
your manipulation of
the facts — however
elegant the result — truth
is a gift, not a purchase


money gathers weight
in the mind, like a symbol
— whose meaning is gone
in a puff of smoke as soon
as you attempt to grasp it


I don’t need to prove
my singing ability
— listening is good