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guilt and resentment
ravenous always for more
wrongs worse hurts bigger
mistakes — yes I feed them, but
from limited resources



the river snatches
our lives while we aren’t looking
— it is a kindness


among many and
conflicted desires — stepping
back, allowing space —
he lets their vast counterpoint
build without him, voice by voice


a squirrel — balanced
perfectly at the fulcrum
of terror and trust
— measures my gaze according
to unknown squirrel standards


how a mere few words
corralled thoughtlessly for sport
— can kick back against
the gamester in a stampede
of unexpected meanings


how was it before
money? can you remember?
— of course not — we need
to forget back further — back
further until no money

revision of entry for 11/2/12

High above Camden
a fuselage turns in the sun:
flaring out orange
light, briefly gifted with speech,
the cold blue dome bursts its frame.