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what conceivable
resemblance do I bear to
a fighter pilot?


offer me a cup
— freeze-frame it — next offer me
wine — hold that right there —
now tell me about the wine
did you drink it? and did I?


she’s the kind of girl
swiftly steps out of the way
leaving the field clear


when the world splinters
into bewilderment — down
past the point of no
return — dig! — dig there among
the loose shards for a poem


and it’s true of course
to do deliberate good
is the riskiest
venture — stick to evil — there’s
less hypocrisy in it


on Alec Guinness

let there be nothing
grudging in my assessment —
he’s a genius
— that calm gaze with a hint of
the spider’s careful wisdom


to capture and to
set her free in a single
act of listening